When it is all finished, you will discover that it was never random.


“Nothing is impossible for the universe to manifest. If you are feeling that what you want is too ‘big’ for the universe, take a walk outside, look around you, and think about our planet: the oceans, the plains, the forests, the jungles, and every piece of vegetation on our planet. Look up into the sky and think about our solar system, our Milky Way, and all the millions of galaxies that contain billions of stars that go on forever. The infinite intelligence of the universe created it all. Then think again about what you are wanting … how ‘big’ do you think it is now?”
from The Secret

Welcome to my own little world where I post my thoughts as often as I like and share my mind a little with the world. Writing is my favourite thing to do thus twenty20diary was born.
This blog will document my journey throughout the year.

Thank u for reading ⋆


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